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Tresona XXI · Restaurant

Ca la Teresona, charcuterie the street de los Plateros delicatessen and one of the oldest shops in Vic is, curiously, the pioneering open a tasting room, just above the store. In this area you can go to any meal of the day, from breakfast to dinner.
The food, how could it be otherwise, the sausages are sold in the charcuterie, but also can buy a bottle of wine at the winery. "In Europe and Barcelona as the rooms are pretty, but we are the first to Vic," said Santi Masallera, which represents the sixth generation of the family since it opened Ca la Teresona.

"It is innovative because you can come here to engage, but you can come to an assortment of cheeses with toasted cake and a glass of wine just before going to movies, for instance." The client "or they may be spending as much or as little as you want"

With the restoration closes a string produced within the same building. "On the third floor we have a workshop where we work sausages, which are those that sell to the store on the first floor. Now with the new space, people can come to taste. Also, if you like i want to buy a product while they are eating, going down already preparing what you want and take time so the client also wins.

The new restoration Tresona XXI, in Roman numerals, playing with the metaphor of the sign on the store Ca la Teresona 1837, and mixing the concepts of classical and modern. The decor is also pointing in this direction; an old gate welcomes us to a room with minimalist decor, but with little details (like a dairy farmer at the time) to remember all the years of trading history of the centennial.

The entrance to the restoration is in the same sausage. In recent years, Ca la Teresona has made several reforms, as part of this tasting was also space to expand and modernize the store.